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The Sitram brand

SITRAM, a French brand loved by cooks all over the world

We're proud of our brand and of the reputation of our products. Since 1963, Sitram has been synonymous with quality and sharing. Some of our slogans from the 80s still inspire consumers today...
But despite our status as one of France's most iconic cooking brands, we at Sitram take the issues of our era extremely seriously.

Cooking is so mundane that we can easily lose sight of its importance. At the same time, it is an extraordinary activity based on generosity, conviviality, and creativity - values which far surpass the simple need for nourishment and embody a culture that is shared by all human beings.

It is this aspect of cooking that defines our family and social relationships, and drives us at Sitram to continuously improve the technology, functionality, and look of our products.

Today, our commitments are clear: continue to convey these positive and unifying values, support our customers in their desire to "cook authentic," and create the best possible social and environmental conditions at our production site to help preserve our quality of life both today and in the future.