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What's for dinner? We all know this classic and recurrent question... Here's a little help from us at Sitram: choose from one of our tasty, easy, quick recipes - or find inspiration with our more original recipes. Get menu ideas for your dinners, lunches, or apéritifs... with a French taste.

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Sautéed asparagus salad with hazelnuts, feta cheese, pomegranate,…
A gourmet salad with a crunch!
Cannelloni au gratin with veal, spinach, feta, and ricotta
The perfect recipe for cozy evenings!
Cantonese rice with shrimp and chicken
A delicious recipe to share!
Pan-cooked tomato Tarte Tatin
A crispy and delicious recipe.
Veal tajine with peas and garlic
The perfect recipe for Easter!
Celery root & pear soup and mini puff pastries with sheep…
A wonderfully sweet and savory recipe!
Mango and pineapple stew
A nice break from your savory dishes!
Old-fashioned sourdough bread
A rustic and delicious classic!
Carrot soup with star anise, quinoa, and feta
A fragrant and sophisticated soup...
Homemade hazelnut spread
Our hazelnut spread is 100% homemade and 100% delicious!
Veal blanquette with milk and lemon
A classic French dish.
Meatballs with tomato sauce
Classic meatballs in a delicious tomato sauce.
Cherry clafoutis
Delicious cherry clafoutis!
Tuna in a jar
Have you ever made your own tuna preserve?
Poultry terrine
An excellent homemade poultry terrine!
Foie gras, asparagus, and fresh garlic
Delicious foie gras for the holidays!
Lamb, chestnuts, and red kuri squash cooked in papillote
Delicious lamb and vegetables cooked in papillote
Saddle of rabbit with speck, potatoes, and olives
Discover a delicious new rabbit recipe!
Steamed chicken wraps
Tasty steamed chicken wraps.
Quinoa paella with saffron broth
Because we love paella!
Sea bass with sauce vierge
A delicious sea bass dish!
Cod steak and leeks steamed with lemon and ginger
Treat yourself to a healthy cod dish!
Grenoble style steamed lemon sole
An excellent fish dish!
Jumbo shrimp skewers
Calling all seafood lovers!
Creamy kale soup with shredded duck confit
Experience the flavors of southwest France with this delicious ka…
Refreshing green asparagus soup
A creamy soup for the spring!
Creamy eggplant soup with pistou
A one-of-a-kind soup!
Endive and orange floating islands
Create a floating island as a savory appetizer!
Winter salad with carrots and Jerusalem artichokes
A quick and easy sweet & savory starter...packed with vitamin…
Indian style chicken curry with spiced rice
Serve with a cucumber and yogurt salad to balance the spices!