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Sitram know-how

The SITRAM brand

The SITRAM adventure began in 1963 when Fernand Combes, a Parisian industrialist specializing in the subcontracting of automobiles, decided to change careers by setting up a factory in Saint-Benoît-du-Sault, a quiet village in the middle of France, to make saucepans and other cookware. He called the factory SITRAM, an acronym for "Société Industrielle de Transformation des Métaux," or "Industrial Company for the Transformation of Metals." With SITRAM, Combes became the pioneer of a brand-new product that revolutionized the lives of housewives in the 1960s: the stainless steel pressure cooker.

Today, stainless steel continues to be the primary raw material used to manufacture SITRAM products, even if the company's product range has evolved over the years to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.
Pressure cookers, still as quick and efficient as ever, must now compete with new electrical devices (e.g., "connected" cookware) that seduce younger generations of consumers. Nevertheless, pressure cookers are still one of the best ways to save time in the kitchen. Our stainless steel saucepans and frying pans, which remain our flagship products, are now joined by cast, pressed, and formed aluminum cookware made with or without non-stick coatings to meet the new needs of consumers.

In 2013, SITRAM was purchased by a French Group specializing in kitchenware. Today, we offer more than 900 products in France and around the world in more than 7,500 stores. SITRAM is constantly searching for new innovations to optimize the design, functionality, and durability of its products.

Our rallying cry, "Together, we cook authentic," embodies the special relationship we have developed with our customers. It is a simple concept based on good sense and well-being, one that promotes honest cooking and a true spirit of sharing.

Sitram quality: safe and reliable

In today’s world, consumers are no longer driven by pure consumption, but by a “less but better” mentality and the search for meaning. More than ever before, we therefore pay close attention to the quality and sustainability of our products. Our ultimate goal is still to offer simple, robust, durable, and affordable products that are perfectly safe for the consumer. At SITRAM, we are extremely demanding when it comes to our production and control procedures.

Our two on-site laboratories complement the mandatory testing performed by certified laboratories to ensure our products comply with all regulations.
We are particularly fond of our testing lab which tests the functionality and performance of our products – in addition, of course, to compliance with all applicable standards. Conducted in real-life conditions, these tests allow us to approve and continuously improve the design of our products, as well as provide functional cookware that meets all the cooking needs of consumers.
SITRAM products are monitored for compliance throughout the entire production process. We sample and inspect packaging and products on the production line, and when products arrive in our warehouse, we check to make sure they meet all safety standards.