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Bannière histoire de la marque

SITRAM, a beloved French brand since 1963

Created in the 1960s in the middle of France’s “Glorious Thirty,” Sitram started out by making pressure cookers, or the secret weapon of housewives in search of modernity and convenience. At the time, pressure cookers were nothing short of revolutionary. They made it possible to prepare simple and delicious dishes without having to wait around in the kitchen. This saved precious time and allowed families to go about doing other things. Unlike previous cookware done in enameled steel or sheet metal, these pressure cookers were made of stainless steel which provided for outstanding stability and ease of use. Backed by this innovative industrial know-how, the brand then expanded its line to include a variety of cookware done in stainless steel as well as cast iron and aluminum.

From the very beginning, innovation has been one of the core values of the brand. And today, it continues to be a crucial factor in our development. Our daily work with famous chefs as well as non-professionals allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of the needs of consumers.

We listen closely to our customers to constantly improve the quality of our products and services. Experts in cookware as well as recipes, Sitram combines its unmistakable notion of French conviviality with its renowned experience and sense of responsibility.

Sitram Stainless Steel 1970

SITRAM ads from the 60s to the present

Ad - Sitram Stainless Steel
Ad - Sitram Stainless Steel 2
Ad - Sitram Stainless Steel 1970
Ad - Ceramic
Ad - Ceramic 2
Ad - Pressure Cooker
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Ad - Chabal
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