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What's for dinner? We all know this classic and recurrent question... Here's a little help from us at Sitram: choose from one of our tasty, easy, quick recipes - or find inspiration with our more original recipes. Get menu ideas for your dinners, lunches, or apéritifs... with a French taste.

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Veal Ossobuco
An Italian specialty!
Power bowl in the pressure cooker
Full up on vitamins and flavors with this power bowl!
Spring vegetable platter
Fill up on vitamins with our spring vegetable platter!
Sautéed beef stroganoff
Beef stroganoff is a traditional Russian dish.
Brioche burger with fried egg
A burger with a twist!
Spirulina tagliatelle
Spirulina is packed with minerals and nutrients, and adds a subtl…
Asparagus and zucchini gazpacho with verbena
A creative alternative to traditional tomato gazpacho!
Thai style squid
You're going to love this Asian stuffed squid!
Dutch oven paella
A colorful and flavorful dish!
Roasted butternut squash with chestnut crumble
Fall cuisine at its best!
Seafood curry
A delicious Asian style seafood dish.
Pork tenderloin with mustard and pear
Perfect pork tenderloin for Christmas Eve!
Pan-fried potatoes and porcini mushrooms
A perfect pan-fried recipe for the fall!
Lemongrass shrimp in detox soup
This soup is packed with vitamins and energy!
Dutch oven sourdough
Make your bread the old-fashioned way in one of our cast iron Dut…
Indian red lentil soup
Discover the flavors of India with this red lentil soup!
Dutch oven tartiflette
A must-have winter dish!
Quick lemon chicken
This chicken dish is quick, easy, and incredibly delicious!
Scallops and Ratte potato mousseline with lime, red salt, and sea…
A delicious summer scallop dish!
Beef with carrots
Classic beef with carrots, ready in 90 minutes in the pressure co…
Spicy cornflake-crusted fish
Make this recipe with the catch of the day!
Fried eggs in a nest of potatoes with herbs
A classic dish with a gourmet twist!
Rack of lamb with licorice and seasonal green vegetables
Your cast iron Dutch oven will keep the meat tender and the vitam…
Authentic tomato sauce for spaghetti
Quick, simple, and super delicious!
Sautéed asparagus with Parmesan and bacon
Asparagus is also delicious sautéed!
Stir-fried duck with crispy noodles
Our stir-fried duck takes your taste buds on a journey!
Chicken and peppers casserole
Hearty chicken stew with peppers, tomatoes, and more!
Creamy red kuri squash soup with ravioli
Comfort food at its best!
Heart-shaped fried eggs
Heart-shaped eggs for Valentine's Day!
Cod with ginger butter
A flavorful and sophisticated summer dish.