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What's for dinner? We all know this classic and recurrent question... Here's a little help from us at Sitram: choose from one of our tasty, easy, quick recipes - or find inspiration with our more original recipes. Get menu ideas for your dinners, lunches, or apéritifs... with a French taste.

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Rhubarb sorbet
Did you know that rhubarb is rich in fiber and antioxidants?
Christmas herbal tea
Herbal teas are our best friends in the winter!
Persimmon chutney
Chutney is an excellent way to enjoy persimmon!
Floating island with chestnut cream
A floating island with a twist!
Caramelized filet mignon
If you love your meat sweet, then this recipe is for you!
Mashed potatoes
How about some delicious homemade mashed potatoes?
Cod fillet with chorizo scales
A gourmet dish!
Fried eggs and mushroom fricassee
Comfort food at its best!
Warm artichoke, bacon, and Parmesan salad
In the mood for an artichoke salad?
Roasted carrots with maple syrup
This recipe will make you fall in love with vegetables!
Homemade cream cheese
Cream cheese, however you like it!
Fish and chips with potato crust
Quick and easy fish & chips with delicious homemade tartar sa…
Steamed prawns, spicy broth, and apple sauce
Sweet and savory prawns!
Deviled eggs with beets and sprouts
Deviled eggs with a twist!
Beef bourguignon
The legendary French dish made quick and easy!
Chilled cranberry bean soup with crispy bacon
Wow your friends with this delicious appetizer!
Roasted monkfish, crispy bacon, parsnip purée, salsify, and buckw…
Switch up your usual shrimp or lobster dish!
Cheese fondue with fall mushrooms
Wow your guests with this delicious cheese fondue.
Roasted foie gras with potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes
A spectacular and hearty recipe for fans of foie gras!
Raclette burger
After the work comes the reward!
Christmas guinea fowl supremes
Dazzle your guests this Christmas with our guinea fowl supremes.
Duck confit parmentier with porcini mushrooms and chestnut purée
Give in to the temptation of this one-of-a-kind parmentier!
Unique Roman style gnocchi
Delicious gnocchi for the whole family!
Creamy Indian red lentil dal
This vegetarian dish is perfect for the whole family.
Spicy paprika and chorizo churros
Looking to impress your guests? This appetizer is a sure thing!
Traditional cassoulet
This winter recipe does your body (and your taste buds!) good.
Vegan mushroom Croque Monsieur
Simple yet delicious, this is a must-try recipe!
Jellied eggs with salmon and ham
Spring is in the air!
Seafood choucroute
Savory choucroute with seafood, perfect for sharing!
Falafel sandwich
For fans of pitas and finger food!