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What's for dinner? We all know this classic and recurrent question... Here's a little help from us at Sitram: choose from one of our tasty, easy, quick recipes - or find inspiration with our more original recipes. Get menu ideas for your dinners, lunches, or apéritifs... with a French taste.

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Shrimp ramen noodles
Shrimp noodles, just how we like them!
Veal tagine with quince, honey, and carrots
Treat yourself to this delicious tagine!
Roasted beets
Beets are extremely healthy - and easy to cook in a Dutch oven!
Appetizer recipe: Crab cakes
These crab cakes are sure to make an impression!
Appetizer recipe: Beetroot hummus with cumin
Serve up a unique appetizer with this delicious hummus!
Appetizer recipe: Goat cheese and tomato cheesecakes
Savory mini cheesecakes!
Beef bibimbap with quinoa in a bento box
Give in to the temptation of this traditional Korean dish!
Pan bagnat with sardines
Pan bagnat is a specialty from Nice and can be prepared in many d…
Steamed chicken skewers with herbs
Bring out the flavor of fresh herbs with this steamed dish!
Squid, lemon, and basil risotto
A summery recipe for seafood lovers!
Gascon pork chops with sage and chanterelles
A delicious pork and mushroom dish!
Summer prawn salad
Summer is the perfect time for sweet and savory recipes.
Chicken tagine with olives and almonds
Get away from it all with this delicious tagine!
Carrot, ginger, and coconut milk soup
A sweet and exotic carrot soup!
Crispy shrimp sushi rolls
Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun has never been easier!
Summer ratatouille
Enjoy the vegetables of summer with this delicious ratatouille!
Bento box variety: Tomato and mozzarella salad
A great summer classic!
Bento box variety: Baba ghanoush with zucchini and pine nuts
Make the summer last after your vacation!
Tomato coulis
Fill up the pantry with jars of tomato coulis!
BÁNH MÌ with chicken
A French baguette with Asian fillings!
Goat cheese lasagna with green vegetables
Who says little ones don't like broccoli? Kids love this goa…
Veal shank simmered with red kuri squash
This dish is perfect for the fall or winter!
Tempeh burger with coleslaw and BBQ sauce
Who knew tempeh could taste so good?
Elbow macaroni with ham
A simple yet sophisticated dish for both kids and adults.
Squash soup
A delicious soup made with butternut, red kuri, or any other type…
Sweet and spicy carrot salad
The perfect salad for grilled chicken or scallops.
Pot au feu
An authentic and seasonal French dish.
Spiced popcorn
Quick and easy popcorn, perfect for evenings in front of the TV!
Mussels marinara
Treat your guests to the sea with our delicious Dutch oven mussel…
Mixed salad with chicken livers and pomegranate
This mixed salad is full of tasty flavors!